Setup and Ongoing Support for New and Existing Websites

WordPress is my website platform of choice (used to set up and manage this site). I’ve also worked on a few DotNetNuke (DNN) sites and a variety of homegrown content management systems — and static HTML websites too. I compare content management systems to driving cars — moving from one to the next is a bit like learning a new dashboard. If you know the fundamentals of driving and can find your way around under the hood, that’s the key to a successful transition.Effective content management entails more than simply placing, formatting or linking text on a web page. Rather, it includes attention to detail for search engine optimization (SEO) elements, page layout acumen and an understanding of how to leverage and format media such as photos and videos. And since even the best content management systems can have limited capabilities in WYSIYG mode (or introduce unexpected formatting), working knowledge of HTML and CSS is extremely beneficial.

Writing and Editing
My writing background runs the gamut: feature stories, press releases, executive memos, internal communications, ad copy, sales collateral and more (not to mention this website). Samples are available by request.


Website Work Examples

Responsive WordPress websites that I set up from scratch include:
WordPress websites developed elsewhere that I now maintain (content and performance management):
Websites developed elsewhere — non-WordPress — that I, now, maintain (content and performance management):

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